Mohammad Reza Ashrafzadeh

Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Science,
Faculty of Natural Resources and Earth Sciences, Shahrekord University, Iran



Ancuta Fedorca

National Institute for Research and Development in Forestry Marin Dracea
Wildlife Department, Wildlife Genetics Laboratory Coordinator
Romania, Brasov, Closca 13, postal code 500040


Fredrik Dalerum

Biodiversity Research Institute
Universidad de Oviedo, Campus de Mieres
c/Gonzalo Gutierrez Quirós s/n, 33600 Mieres (Spain)


Slavomír Finďo

Carpathian Wildlife Society, Slovakia
State Nature Conservancy of the Slovak Republic


André Ganswindt

Dept. of Anatomy and Phisiology – Faculty of Veterinary Science
University of Pretoria (UP) – South Africa
Endocrine Research Laboratory


José María Fedriani

Centre for Applied Ecology/InBIO
Institut of Agronomy – University of Lisbon
Tapada da Ajuda 1349-017 Lisbon (Portugal) – Personal webpage


Klemen Jerina

University of Ljubljana – Biotechnical Faculty
Dept. for Forestry and Renewable Forest Resources
Večna pot 83, SI-1000 Ljubljana (Slovenia) – Personal webpage


Ilpo Kojola

Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)
Box 16, FI-96301 Rovaniemi (Finland)


Miha Krofel

University of Ljubljana – Biotechnical Faculty
Dept. for Forestry, Wildlife Ecology Research Group
Večna pot 83, SI-1000 Ljubljana (Slovenia) – Personal webpage


Alireza Mohammadi

PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering University of Jiroft – Faculty of Natural Resources, Jiroft (Iran)


Danial Nayeri

Department of Environmental Science
University of Tehran – Faculty of Natural Resources, Karaj (Iran)

Sergey S. Ogurtsov
Central Forest State Nature Biosphere Reserve
Tver Region, Nelidovsky district (Russia) – Personal Facebook Page


Rupert Palme

Unit of Phisiology, Pathophisiology and Experimental Endocrinology
Department of Biomedical Sciences – University of Veterinary Medicine
Veterinärplatz 1, 1210 Wien (Austria) – Personal webpage


Paolo Pedrini
Museo delle Scienze, Sezione Zoologia dei Vertebrati
Corso del Lavoro e della Scienza 3, I-38123 Trento (Italy) – Personal webpage 


Michaela Skuban
Carpathian Wildlife Society
96001 Zvolen, Slovakia


Jon Swenson
Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management
Norwegian Univ. of Life Sciences
Post Box 5003, NO-1432 Ås, Norway


Antonio Uzal
School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences,
Nottingham Trent University, Brackenhurst Campus
Southwell, NG25 0QF (UK)
Tel. +44 (0) 115 848 5338
Email: – Personal webpage