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A video showing a tree in the Cantabrian Mountains where brown bears and humans interact



    1. cantabrianbearadmin

      Perdona por contestar tan tarde a tu mensaje, no conocía esta opción de la web, te pido disculpa. Sí, este gesto es una forma de comunicación intraespecífica, que suele tener un doble sentido, sexual y territorial. Es decir comunicar a los otros osos, en general, su presencia, pero sobre todo a las hembra en época de celo.
      un cordial saludo

  1. Dr Tim Clarke

    You are doing a great job. Well done.

    An idea might be to launch ‘Project 500’, planning for the bears to reach a population of 500 by 2025, for example.

    I would be interested to know: How many bears could be sustained by the local environment?

    I am considering buying a property in the Eastern Pyrenees. Is there a bear population closer to the Mediterranean side?

    Thank you.

    1. cantabrianbearadmin

      Hi Tim!
      Thank you for yur kind message.
      Considering the recent patterns of increase, we expect that we will observe a lower increase than almost double the current population in just five years. However, genetic studies are trying to estimate the real population size now, which is supposed to be >300 bears. However, it is difficult to say how many bears can inhabit the Cantabrian Mountains, mainly because this will also depend on the bear adaptation to more human-modified landscapes in the lowest areas of the Cantabrian range and people acceptance in areas where bears have never been observed before in recent times.
      Just 50-60 bears are present in the Pyrenees, and most of them in the Western portion. However, it is possible that more bears will inhabit the Pyrenees soon, even if several sectors of the human population are not very happy with them because of the damages.

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